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Mauricio Togneri
About me

I'm a Software Engineer specialized in the Android and Flutter platforms with over 14 years of experience. For the past 10 years I have been working designing and developing Android applications professionally and as a hobby publishing 8 apps on the Play Store. I'm a passionate developer with a particular interest in code readability and maintainability. I'm also an open source author and contributor with a great attitude in learning and applying new technologies.


Spanish Spanish: Native
English English: Fluent
French French: Intermediate

2015 - Present Open Web Technology, Switzerland
Technical Team Lead
Working as Technical Team Lead for mobile projects. Management of local and offshore development teams.

2012 - 2015 Travelling and Mobility R&D - University of Geneva, Switzerland
Software Engineer
Working as a Software Engineer designing and developing Android applications. Specialized in positioning, maps and navigation on mobile devices.

2007 - 2011 Koolsite Soluciones Informáticas S.L., Spain
Java Developer
Design and development of different modules for business applications such as invoincing, payroll and accounting.

TPG Wear
TPGWear TPG Wear is an application specially designed to consult scheduling information in real time about the public transport in Geneva. It comes with a companion mobile app where you can store your favorite stops that will be displayed in the main menu of the smartwatch app. The application uses the official TPG (Geneva Public Transport) API as source of data.
TPGWear Google Play Store TPGWear Github

File Explorer
File Explorer A simple file explorer with basic functionalities for those who just aim to browse their files. The app is very straightforward and its minimalist design helps you to navigate through the file system.

Downloads: 3,700,000+
File Explorer Google Play Store File Explorer Github

Shopping List
Shopping List A simple and straightforward shopping list app. Although the application comes with a set of preloaded items, it allows users to add, edit and remove their own products and categories to adapt it to their needs.

Downloads: 18,000+
Shopping List Google Play Store Shopping List Github

Watch Face Sectors
Watch Face Sectors A simple and geometrical watch face for Android Wear that uses circle sectors to represent time. The watch face comes with a companion mobile app that allows users to customize every element that appears on the smartwatch screen (e.g., colors, formats, positions, sizes, etc.).
Watch Face Sectors Google Play Store Watch Face Sectors Github

Tension Tunnel
Tension Tunnel Tension Tunnel is a game where the player has to fly across a tunnel avoiding all the obstacles. Press the left part of the screen to jump and the right part of the screen to accelerate. Brown boxes can be good or bad power-ups. You will get one point each time you pass between the closing walls.
Tension Tunnel Google Play Store Tension Tunnel Github

AndWars AndWars is a turn-based strategy game where the goal is to defeat your enemies by moving your units around the map and conquering territories. The game is based on the classic Palm strategy game Palmwars.
AndWars Google Play Store AndWars Github

Swipe Them
Swipe Them Swipe the tiles in the direction of the arrows. You have only 60 seconds! You will get one point for each tile swiped correctly. Making the wrong gesture will reduce a point. Touching the mines (tiles with only horizontal or vertical lines) will reduce a point. If you don't swipe a tile in less than 5 seconds it will explode and you will lose a point.
Swipe Them Google Play Store Swipe Them Github

Countdown Countdown is a game where two players have to press their buttons and release them before the countdown finishes. The player that gets closer to zero wins. But only if his countdown hasn't passed zero yet!
Countdown Google Play Store Countdown Github

Green Coffee
Green Coffee Green Coffee is an Android library that allows you to run your acceptance tests written in Gherkin in your Android instrumentation tests using the step definitions that you declare.

Github stars: 211
Green Coffee Github

Firebase Localization
Firebase Localization Firebase Localization is a web based localization management tool design to run on a Firebase instance. You can integrate it into your existing Firebase project or create a separate one. The Spark Plan in Firebase (free) is more than enough to support the tool.
Firebase Localization Github

Jan Jan is a purely functional programming language with an ultra minimalist syntax. The distinguishing feature of this language is that it uses exclusively prefix notation to define expressions. Given that the arity of the operators and functions is fixed, the result is a syntax lacking parentheses or other brackets that can still be parsed without ambiguity. Although Jan is a general purpose language, it is mostly intended to be used as a tool for learning functional programming.
Jan Github

2012 Master's Degree in Computer Science
Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Faculty of Informatics

2011 ERASMUS Student
University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Faculty of Informatics and Management